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Compliance Rules in Google Workspace

Are you worried about the Data Loss Prevention Policy ??? Are you Concerned about Data Security within your organization ???

Google allows Google Workspace Admin to monitor and audit users' email.

In this advanced World of cloud computing, Compliance regulations should be the top priority for any business organization so that you can keep your data safe and prevent employees from sharing sensitive data over mail within or outside the domain.

Google Workspace Administrator can configure the compliances as per organizational requirements. Gmail will automatically scan all the mails, and take actions according to compliance configuration.

You can configure total 9 types of Compliances rules:

  1. Email and chat auto-deletion

  2. Comprehensive mail storage

  3. Append Footer

  4. Restrict Delivery

  5. Content Compliance

  6. Objectionable Content

  7. Attachment Compliance

  8. Secure Transport Compliance(TLS)

  9. MTA-STS

Google Workspace Admin can set up Content compliance and Attachment Compliance for Gmail based on preferences. It will work based on predetermined words, Phrases, text patterns, numerical patterns, etc. In the same way, you can put restrictions on any type of attachment of any format. Admins can Control compliance requirements by setting up matching criteria

Content Compliance and Attachment compliance are the most common and important ones for Gmail Compliance settings. You can put restrictions on any Content or attachment while mail delivering so as to prevent data loss.

  1. Content Compliance

  2. Attachment Compliance

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