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Content Compliance and their uses in Google Workspace

As an administrator, you can set up rules to handle messages that contain content that matches one or more expressions. This advanced email filtering is called content compliance.

Google Workspace users can set up content compliance for email based on the organization’s rules, compliance, and regulatory requirements

Content compliance is used for scanning text attachments like some particular words and common attachment types, such as .doc, .xls, and .pdf as well as non-ASCII characters. Both simple content and advanced content matches that apply to message body text will also apply to text extracted from attachments. Any rule that applies to the message body text also applies to the extracted text

Content compliance rules are based on predefined sets of words, phrases, text patterns, or numerical patterns. You can set up simple matches, advanced matches, and metadata matches. You might also be able to set up a predefined content match.

Compliance actions

When a message matches a content compliance rule that is set up by an admin, one of these actions can happen, which will be set up by the admin.

  1. Reject the message

  2. Quarantine the message

  3. Deliver the message with modifications


  1. Google Workspace subscription

  2. Access of Admin console panel

Let us now get through the steps to configure Content Compliance.

Step 1: Log in to and click on the “Apps” tab. Step 2: Open Google Workspace. Step 3: Go to the setting of Gmail. Step 4: Go to “compliance”.

Step 5: (Optional) On the left, select the organization. Step 6: Add expression.

Step 7: Set routing criteria - If you choose the option to modify the message, you can add a header, prepend the subject, change the route, remove the attachment. Step 8: To reject the messages, select the messages and add a rejection note that will be received by the sender.

Step 9: Click on the Add Setting > Save.

With the help of these steps, users can successfully set up Content compliance Configuration.

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