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Gmail, An important Feature to improve your user experience in Google Workspace.

Gmail is the most popular emailing platform. Most people prefer using Gmail for its user-friendly interface.

Gmail is a free Web-based e-mail service that provides users with a gigabyte of storage for messages and provides the ability to search for specific messages. The Gmail program also automatically organizes successively related messages into a conversational thread.

According to Google co-founder and president Larry Page, the company was inspired to create Gmail because of a user's letter complaining about problems with existing Web e-mail services, such as the constant need to delete messages to stay within storage limits and the lack of any searching ability.

Important features of Gmail to improve your experience while using includes:

  • Smart Compose - Smart Compose is a suggestive text feature for help and save effort in composing an email for Gmail users. It Helps to compose emails in a faster way avoiding any error. Setting-> General setting -> Smart compose and Smart compose personalization-> Select ON When you turn it on, the application will suggest when you are typing and also based on your writing style.

  • Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts- The Keyboard shortcuts help you to be more productive and faster on the computer. The keyboard shortcut is activated with two or more key combinations. How to set? Shift+? = Show all the Shortcuts

  • Multiple signatures - Signature provides the recipient with some business information like - name, email address, business contact information, website URL. Multiple signatures provide the flexibility to use different signatures in different situations. Gmail Settings> General settings->Signature ->Create New-> Save setting After creating multiple signatures you can use them as per your requirements.

  • Setup Out of Office - Vacation Responder in Gmail, making it easier to let people reach you and know about your vacation and also your availability. Set-up a Vacation Responder- Setting-> Out of office auto-reply-> On and mention Date

  • Nudges in Gmail- Nudges feature is mainly used for emails that bring emails back in the inbox when a reply hasn't been sent. Great feature and reminds you constantly.

  • Clean up your Gmail view- The clean view is mentioned if you only have one the Normal view of your inbox. Then by selecting some options you will hide the side panel and it's totally up to you if you want to hide the options.

  • Hide & Unhide Gmail labels - Normally we use labels in Gmail. If any label is having unread emails then if you select “show if unread”, then it will highlight that you have unread emails in your inbox.

  • Enable Chat option- Go to settings and select the Chat option. And then the view with Gmail Chat. Setting-> Chat and Meet -> Google chat -> Right /left of Inbox -> Save

  • Offline Mode- You can use it when your internet connection is not there. You do work with the system when the internet connection is not there. It will save it to your computer.



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