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Google Chat, Meet, Calendar Updates: A Step Towards Simplified Hybrid Work Culture

We need to prepare for Google's transition to hybrid work so we can follow up with its sustainable norm. Google Chat and Meet & Calendar are Google Workspace tools that have importance in hybrid work culture. This article provides insights on the latest Chat, Meet & Calendar updates.

Google Chat- Google Chat is a very important tool in Google Workspace. This tool allows you to communicate internally with your team members and share files or folders. From direct messages to group conversations, Google Chat and Spaces empower teams in efficient collaboration from anywhere using any smart device. You can securely connect with anyone and take group work to the next level with shared chat, files, tasks, and more. Google Chat has the features of adding Google Meet video calls; as you know, video conferencing helps develop businesses.

  • Conversations in Google Chat are displayed as threads

  • You are also allowed to communicate or form a group for group discussions and meetings

  • You can share documents, images, or other notes of your business through Google Chat

There are many Google Chat Updates to make the tool more user-friendly starting with the following-

1. Direct messages or Spaces can now be pinned in Google Chat. This keeps the conversation at the top of the list view in Chat in Gmail.

2. Presence of a Search Icon helps users search people, rooms, or bots using the search bar. It helps to find out your preferred messages using Google Chat.

3. Google chat is now with Notifications, this new update gives you a calm notification for any messages or incoming notes. You can focus on or notify the specific notes or messages using Google Chat.

Google Meet - Google Meet is designed, built, and used for security levels. Since January 2020, Meet has seen the maximum daily use of 30x. Any Google Account holder can create a video conference, invite up to 100 people, and conduct up to 60-minute sessions for free.

  • Google officially launched Meet in March 2017

  • The service was launched as a video conference application for up to 30 participants, described as a business-friendly version of Hangouts

  • The service platform comprises a web application and an Android app.

  • While Google Meet Updates introduced features to upgrade the original Hangouts app, some common Hangouts features have been discontinued, including viewing and chatting at the same time

As time is passing by, people are focusing more on the hybrid structure. Google is bringing many updates on this tool and its structure some of the recent updates on Google Meet updates are listed below:-

1. Move participants automatically from Breakout rooms, in this update Meeting hosts can move everyone automatically from Breakout rooms to the main room. After 30 seconds, participants will be automatically returned to the main room after completing the breakout room discussion.

2. Improve meeting collaboration with Companion Mode. In Google Meet now you can improve meeting collaboration when there is a mix of participants who are remote or in meeting rooms.

3. The Translated Captions feature helps to translate foreign languages like Fresh, German, and Portuguese, automatically changing into English captions.

4. Google meet now has multi-pinning where you can pin three members at once. Google Calendar- With Google Calendar, you can quickly plan meetings and events and receive alerts about upcoming events and activities, so you always know what's coming up. Calendar is designed for teams, so it's easy to share your schedule with others and create multiple calendars that you and your team can use together.

Advantages of Google Calendar:

  • It allows users to access from anywhere using the internet

  • Google Calendar can be used by businesses, individuals, schools, and so on

  • It is easy to navigate through

Two recent Google Calendar updates that will make it easier to create Calendar events:

1. You can now propose a new time for a meeting or you can add notes to the invites of the calendar from Gmail by creating a new meeting time or you can add a message to the invite. If you select any one of the options it will directly take you to the event section in

2. There is a slight update that has been made in finding resources and rooms in the calendar event. According to the present google calendar updates, you will find this information in the guest list. In the location field, this information cannot be duplicated.



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