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Google Drive Settings- Add Important Files on Priority Basis

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service that enables users to store and access files online. The service syncs stored documents, photos, and more across all of the user's devices, including mobile devices, tablets, and PCs

How Google Drive works

To get started with Google Drive, the end user must create or sign in to a Google account. Then, the user types "" into his or her browser. "My Drive" will automatically appear, which can contain uploaded or synced files and folders, as well as Google Sheets, Slides, and Docs. Then, the user can either upload files from his or her computer or create files in Google Drive.

Alternatively, the end user can download a Google Drive application to one or more devices. A Google Drive folder will appear along with other folders in each device's file system. Files that the user adds to one folder are available through a Google Drive web app or the Google Drive folder on each device.

When the end user creates a file or folder, he or she becomes its owner by default. Then, the owner can control the level of visibility (public or privately shared with specific Google accounts) and transfer ownership to another user using Gmail addresses. The owner can also regulate permissions for both folders and files, using access levels such as "can edit," "can comment" and "can view."

Google has launched a new priority page in the Google workspace drive to make the important files handy. It will help you to stay focused and get work done by enabling you to access the files you need through a combination of suggestions and workspace. With these priority settings, not only the files will be accessible to you, but also you can take action on them, after sorting them out in the Workplace. In the month of March’19, this update was introduced in G Suite Basic Business and Enterprise Editions. This feature will come later on in Google for Education, Google Enterprise for Education and Google workspace Nonprofit.

Google workspace End-user can find the Priority page at the left panel of Drive and thereby it makes the files accessible quickly.

Some features that you will see in the priority page include-

Priority- From here, as an End User, you can see the most relevant document that is important to you, as per Google. So you can put up all the important documents in the priority section. The machine learning-powered signals depend on the various acts of the user. On each suggested document end-user can edit without navigating to the doc in question like replying to comments or reviewing it. Ted to the same projects. You can create your own workspaces by summing up your daily used files in one place and then by right-clicking on the file to Add to Workspaces. Google will suggest workspaces, but you can create your own and can add directly. This new organization paradigm doesn’t affect the storage location or permission of the files.



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