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Google Drive - Smarter, faster, Easier Cloud-Based Storage Solution for the organization.

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage solution that makes it easy for users to edit and collaborate on files in real-time. There are multiple ways to access your Drive using any smart device including mobile, tablets, and PCs.

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage solution that allows you to save files online and access them anywhere from any smart device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can use Drive on your computer or mobile device to securely upload files and edit them online. Drive also makes it easy for others to edit and collaborate on files in real-time

Uploading and creating files

1. Click on the "New" button on the top-left side of the screen. 2. You can also use the "New" button to create a new file, "File upload" or

"Folder upload." After you name your folder, you'll be able to drag and drop files to the folder, which can be found under "My Drive" on the pane to the left of your screen. If you no longer need a file and want to keep your Drive tidy, the easiest way to delete a file is to right-click on the file. This will bring up a context menu. From there, select "Remove." Alternatively, you can select the file you want to delete and then click the trash icon on the upper-right-hand corner of your screen.

Sharing files and folders

To share a Google Drive file or folder, right-click on it to bring up the context menu, then click "Share." From there, you'll be able to add collaborators using their email addresses and decide whether people can edit, comment on, or simply view the file.

Accessing Google Drive

There are multiple ways to access your Drive. In addition to using Drive in your web browser, you can also access the cloud from your mobile device or desktop.

Google Drive Gmail integration

If Gmail is your primary email client, good news: It offers full integration with Google Drive. When composing a message, you can attach a Google Drive file by clicking the Google Drive icon found on the toolbar at the bottom of your screen.

Accessing files offline

To turn on offline mode, navigate to your Drive and click the gear icon at the top right-hand corner of your screen. Once in your settings, you'll be able to turn on offline mode by checking the box next to "Offline."

Drive allows you to view and edit files offline without connecting to the internet. While you can always download files or folders directly to your computer for offline access, offline mode lets you view and edit Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, with any changes automatically synced when a connection is available again.

Converting files to Google Drive format

To convert a file to Google Drive format, simply right-click on the file, choose "Open With," and click the suggested app.

  • Files that can be converted to Google Drive format are:

  • Text documents (.doc, .docx, .html, .txt, .rtf, .pdf)

  • Spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx, .ods, .csv)

  • Presentations (.ppt, .pps, .pptx)

How does Google Drive work?

Google Drive accesses the files online and gives you the power to upload the files like — documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, audio, and videos — to Google servers, or the "cloud." The users can use the device including mobile, tablets, and PCs.

Here are some of Google Drive's other key features:

  • Storing files: Google gives you 15 GB of free storage space across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos and if you want to exceed your storage then you have to upgrade your google account.

  • Sharing files: Files are private. But you can invite others to view it. Edit or download files and documents.

  • Accessing files from anywhere: Files can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Offline access is also available.

  • Comprehensive search: Drive can recognize images and even text in scanned documents.

  • Secure storage: Drive files are protected.



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