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Google Now Allows GWS Admins to Fully Migrate to Google Chat and Get Access to Gmail Integration

Google has finally allowed GWS (Google Workspace) admins to shift their users to Google Chat and find access to Gmail integration. This enables Chat to become the default and solely electronic messaging app in Gmail. It'll additionally facilitate the movement of users aloof from Hangouts apps.

Once users activate the Chat's most popular possibility, all classic Hangouts apps would get disabled for members of any organization. Users would need to use or transfer the mobile app if they require to continue electronic messaging. For people who use the intrinsic Gmail chat service, there's no need for two separate tabs for the two apps. Instead, Chat fully replaces Hangouts.

For Example

If the admins of any Organization are able to do away with Hangouts, they'll head to the admin console and navigate to Apps. Once there, they must move to Google Workspace, followed by Hangouts Chat and Chat purchasers. Users ought to choose Chat most popular and hit save. They may need to anticipate up to twenty-four hours for the changes to take effect.

The classic Hangouts within the bottom-left corner of Gmail on the net would be replaced with Google Chat 1:1. As per the report, the ultimate step of the classic Hangouts being disabled entirely, in Chat all users will be visible.

Google launched the 'Chat' service as Progressive internet Apps, or PWAs, for devices running Google Chrome browser version seventy-three. The event was 1st elaborated last Apr and permitted folks to use Google Chat in its own separate window. It will go away with the browser’s address bar and hide different spare controls.


  • Google has declared that Admins will shift users from Classic Hangouts to Google Chat.

  • This can be enabled by progressing to the Chat's most well-liked choice on the admin console.

  • Enabling Google Chat can disable all alternative electronic messaging choices on Gmail.

Google Chat is about to become one integrated app for all Google chat-related functions.

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