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Google Workspace complete Security Password vaulted app

Complete Security password vaulted Apps in Google Workspace are a kind of password manager. It is managed by our Google Workspace admin.

Create a new group of users for password vaulted security apps

Create a new group in the Google Admin Console specifically for the Complete Security app and add the users to the new group. It made the users better experience as they access password vaulted apps on the User Dashboard. Also, have to update the passwords in the Google Admin console at Apps under Complete Security Password Vaulted apps.

Google Workspace supports Single Sign-On for apps that use the standard

SAML( Security Assertion Markup Language) but, there are thousands of apps that don't support SAML and require the credentials for sign-on. You can use the password vaulted apps service to manage the access to these apps that don't support SSO and are not based upon SAML.

Features and Benefits of Google Workspace security app

  • Saves time

  • Centralized Credentials Management

  • Group based App Assignment

  • Logging and Reporting

Steps for adding an app from the library

  • Log in to the Google Admin console

  • From the menu on the upper-left side of the page, click on Apps then click on Password vaulted apps

  • Click on Add App

  • To check the list of available apps, search with a name for the app and it will show the list of matching apps

  • Now click over the app which you want to add, and click on Add App

  • Enter the app details like App name and enter both the app name and a Login URL

  • Click on Add App

  • Click on Assignments to assign a group of users to the app

  • Click on Grant access after you select a user or group.

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