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New Features in Google Site: Allowing Viewers to Provide Feedback on Published Sites

Google sites are one of the most useful communication tools in G Suite. It is gaining popularity as an essential way to share information inside the organization. Google introduces a new feature for G Suite users where users can share feedback or ask a question on any published site.

Benefits of this feature

Sometimes viewers of Sites have queries on a published site or they want to add some feedback on the sites. However, it was difficult for them to understand who to contact or how to contact the site owner. With an objective to eradicate the limitations, Google has introduced this feature, which is the solution for all of the mentioned problems. With the help of this feature, viewers can give feedback or ask questions in the simplest way without leaving the page.

What viewers can do with this feature?

  • Request a change in a site or can give an additional suggestion

  • Highlight the out-of-date contents

  • Identify a helpful content

  • When they can’t understand any content, can ask questions

  • Flag broken links and other errors

Site owners & editors:

  • In newly created sites, the feature will be on by default, and for the existing ones, it will be off by default.

  • To make the feature on or off go to More > Site info settings > show the contact form. Then select Publish option.

Site viewers:

  • At first, the viewer should log in to the Google account to view the sites.

  • Now click on the site info icon and then select ‘Contact. Then they can write the feedback in the dialog box and submit it.

  • Once the viewer submits feedback, the site owner will get an email notification.

  • In the mail, the owner will get an option to reply and also can begin a conversation with the feedback provider.

Additional details:

When the viewers submit feedback the owner will receive an email that contains

  • The page of the site where the feedback is submitted.

  • The message.

  • The email address of the feedback provider.

Availability of this feature:

Note that this feature is only available for G Suite domain-owned sites. It is available in all of the G Suite editions. However, this feature would not be available for consumers or Non- G suite organizations.

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