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Save Storage by Archiving Emails in Google Workspace

Google Workspace offers you a plethora of storage options to keep thousands of emails. There may have been some situations where you would like to keep the inbox as clean as possible or you would not like to keep some of the unimportant emails hence you “Delete” them. Whereas, in certain situations where you would like to keep some emails that would help you to refer in the future, thus you use the “Archive” function, where you could refer to those emails in the future.

Some Similarities and Differences between Delete and Archival function

Delete Function

  1. When you delete your email it goes to the Trash label.

  2. Deleted emails retain for 30 days in your Trash Label.

  3. A trash filter is used to detect deleted emails.

  4. You can bulk Delete all or specific emails.

Archival Function

  1. When you archive an email it essentially moves to All Mail Label.

  2. Archived emails are retained forever in your All Mail Label

  3. All filters can be used to view all the archived emails

  4. You can bulk Archive all or specific emails.

Email archiving function is indeed a helpful & thoughtful feature from Google, through which users can use it according to their advantage. While Archiving emails in your Google workspace inbox by selecting the Archival function, it disappears from your inbox and goes to the “All Mail” label. Thus helping to keep your inbox clean without losing or deleting the required mail that you could refer to in future



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