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Set Up your business Data Loss Prevention in Google Workspace

One of the apparent effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the working population is the emergence of a certain divide, that is, remote work and office work. During the pandemic’s peak, businesses inevitably had to do necessary adjustments in their operations and even structures. Since people had to comply with the social distancing regulations and offices had to close to prevent the spread of the virus, a lot of businesses pivoted and started to offer work-from-home arrangements.

Today, it is clear that some are trying to return to their old office ways while others are trying to keep their remote work arrangements permanent. Whichever would dominate the market, one thing is certain – people and businesses are relying more and more on different online services to keep and share their files no matter how sensitive they are. While there are a lot of benefits to this, we also need to be aware and be cautious about its potentially damaging downsides.

Google Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Security is one of the priorities of Google. This is observable with their DLP for different Google Apps for work and individual use such as Gmail and Google Drive. Their Google Workspace Apps help admins manage their online security needs across any type and form of information with helpful features such as data encryption, detailed audit reports, customizable sharing controls, mobile management, and two-factor authentication. Google DLP keeps sensitive data from accidentally or intentionally slipping out of your organization. It adds another layer of security on top of the ones aforementioned.

Data Loss Prevention for Google Drive

Content that users can share from Google Drive outside of the organization. This will prevent the unintentional leakage or exposure of sensitive information like credit cards or personal identification numbers. Google Drive DLP works well in conjunction with Drive’s new Label feature which allows you to better improve the security of your data.

Data Loss Prevention for Gmail

Why is Gmail DLP important especially for organizations? Email is the main way people communicate at work. Just in 2020, over 300 billion emails were sent and received worldwide every single day. Organizations have a lot of sensitive information, this includes proprietary data such as intellectual property and third-party data such as a customer’s personally identifiable information (PII).

Prioritize your data’s security

You can never be too safe when it comes to data security and data loss prevention. The Tech Mantra highly recommends that you identify any potential risk scenarios or weaknesses in your system, and address it accordingly. Properly set up the Data Loss Prevention for your Google Workspace Apps, properly set the rules, and you can rest easy knowing that Google has got your back when it comes to protecting.



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