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The business benefits of migrating to a cloud office solution (Google Workspace)

Cloud office Google Workspace can help to reduce costs, improve collaborative “anytime, anywhere” working, and ultimately offer an efficient path for your organization to improve productivity levels. The term ‘cloud office’ refers to a Google Workspace of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) collaboration and communication tools that combine email, file-sharing, instant messaging, conferencing, as well as document management, search, and discovery.

According to global market research analysts, the process of migrating to a cloud office involves consolidating and transferring a collection of workloads from source systems to a cloud-based office platform. The content items that are typically included in these workloads are:

  • Emails

  • Files

  • Calendars

  • Document types

  • Related metadata

  • Applications

  • User permissions

  • Compound structures

  • Linked components

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the business benefits of migrating to a cloud office solution and what this involves.

What are the business benefits of cloud migration?

Elevated Collaboration Opportunities

Cloud office Google Workspace presents your users with a plethora of ways to work collaboratively. By storing content in a centralized, cloud-based repository `13such as SharePoint Online, documents and records can be edited, viewed, and interacted with by multiple users. Apps such as Microsoft Teams give users the power to work, communicate and collaborate in real-time, regardless of location or device.

Smarter Enterprise Search

Both popular cloud office Google workspace offer intelligent search solutions, such as Microsoft Delve and Google Cloud Search. Both these solutions provide higher quality search and data discovery capabilities compared to on-premises deployments.

Increased or Unlimited Storage

Most cloud office Google Workspace provides the attractive benefit of increased storage space per user. In fact, Office 365 provides each user with a very generous 1TB of storage space via OneDrive for Business (easily increased to 5TB), while Google Workspace provides 30GB per user as standard.

Unified Meeting Solutions

Messaging applications such as Microsoft Teams and Google Hangouts make it easy to initiate and maintain persistent conversations and real-time meetings, which can easily be integrated with relevant content tools to provide a substantially richer meeting experience.

Easy to Manage Security

Attitudes towards the security capabilities of the cloud have now shifted from skepticism to positivity, thanks to cloud office solutions, such as Office 365 that include DLP, IRM, encryption, archiving, e-discovery, legal holds, two-factor authentication, and email governance built into their primary applications.

Better Mobile App Support

Users are increasingly demanding access to productivity tools on both tablets and smartphones; allowing them to continue work while away from the office. Modern cloud offices answer this challenge with optimized mobile apps designed to deliver continuous working experiences.

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