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Upgradation to Google Workspace: 5 Reasons & Benefits That Make It Worth the Cause

Google Workspace is a collection of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools, software, and products developed and marketed by Google. It consists of Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Meet and Chat for communication; Currents for employee engagement; Drive for storage, and the Google Docs suite for content creation. An Admin Panel is provided for managing users and services. Depending on the edition Google Workspace may also include the digital interactive whiteboard Jamboard and an option to purchase such add-ons as the telephony service Voice. The education edition adds a learning platform Google Classroom and today has the name Workspace for Education.

Google Workspace includes very important tools which are essential for the business. Upgrading to Google Workspace not only makes your tasks easier but also increases your business productivity.

Google Workspace offers professional email, online storage, calendars, video meetings, and more. You and your team can work on the same documents simultaneously with Google Workspace Apps. Share calendars, spreadsheets, and documents create video conferences with Google Meet, and use instant messaging. Collaboration, organization of artifacts and information, data protection, and security are among the best features of Google Workspace.

Best Features of Google Workspace


According to open rates, Gmail is the most popular email client with a whopping 26% market share. The best part about Google Workspace is that it essentially replaces the online email client you're probably using already with an enhanced ad-free version.

Google Drive:

This is basically file storage that encompasses Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides which offers real-time editing of documents.

Google Calendar:

Many of us use it to schedule client meetings and to set due dates and reminders for important projects. Keeping your schedule organized is easy with Google Calendar. We can set the Calendar in different setups including day, week, month, or recurring as per our convenience.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides:

The purpose of Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides is to provide users with collaborative tools that allow them to view and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations together in real-time from any device as long as they have access to the internet.

Google Keep:

Google Keep is to be one of those well-kept secrets that nobody knows about. In the event that you're searching for a fundamental Evernote elective, Google Keep rocks! This is an incredible little instrument whether or not you're utilizing Google Workspace. Being a Google item, it works perfectly inside the Google environment and comes in handy at the time of need.

Google Workspace Admin Console:

Businesses can easily manage everything from a single location with Google Workspace. Recently, it was overhauled, and it is now a lot better than it was with Google Apps. The administrator of Google Workspace must enable most of the features in order for them to function. Some of these are also only available in higher plans. If a feature is not enabled and a user tries to access it, they’ll see a “not available” message.

Additional Features of Google Workspace

  • Google Chat: This is Google's new competing tool. This is a dedicated workspace for group discussions with 1:1 and group chat options. Interact directly with Google bots and third-party apps to make conversations more efficient.

  • Google Meet: Using Meet, you can join meetings directly from a calendar event or email invitation. Using Google Workspace Enterprise, you'll also be able to use dial-in numbers for mobile users or people without internet access.

  • Google Forms: Google forms is nothing but a Survey form creator wherein you can create quizzes, seek feedback, conduct Online MCQ tests and more. The collected responses from each individual can be automatically entered into a spreadsheet.

  • Google Slides: Just like with their other products you can take advantage of their real-time collaboration and commenting, as well as unlimited version history.

  • Google Sites: Utilizing Google Sites as WordPress is greatly improved for this as the user interface has been enhanced to provide a great experience.

Reasons to Upgrading to Google Workspace and Benefits of Google Workspace

  1. Use branded email through the Gmail client - You get all the functionality, reliability, and familiarity of Gmail, but branded with your organization's domain name. As employees are already familiar with Gmail consumers, they can easily switch between their personal and work accounts.

  2. Access unlimited files on Google Drive - Using Drive, users can store notes, drafts, and other files they don't want their teammates to see. A team can also have its own Team Drive, where members can share documents or resources they need to access.

  3. Real-time collaboration - When workers are increasingly dividd between the office and various remote workplaces, collaboration becomes even more challenging. In the Business edition of Google Workspace, you'll find a number of collaboration apps that aren't available in the consumer edition.

  4. CRM integration with Google Workspace - With Google Workspace integration, your team can work seamlessly across platforms, all from inside the Google Workspace application. Work apps are accessed with a single sign-on, so employees don't have to spend time switching between them, duplicating efforts (and data).

  5. Admin console lets you manage everything - Data, users, and apps can all be managed from the Google Workspace Admin Console. Users and groups can be added and removed from dashboards, user experiences can be customized, devices can be managed, roles can be created, permissions can be assigned, and security settings can be configured.

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