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Upgrade your business with Google Workspace

Let's have a look at Google Workspace Upgrade and its reasons why u should upgrade to Google workspace.

Operating a business in 2022 is very interesting. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, a lot of businesses have had to adopt a work-from-home strategy in their operations. Due to this, people started using online and browser-based platforms for communication and collaboration such as Gmail, Google Chat, and Google Drive.

Google Workspace elevates the work experience and digital transformation, providing options and support in remote and hybrid environments. Let’s crack open that nutshell and dive right into the details.

In a nutshell, Google Workspace Australia provides a lot of helpful features and more control that can greatly improve the overall efficiency of your business. The collaboration will be more effective, communication will be more secure, and the advanced features will ensure that your team will have the most conducive working environment and platform.

why should you upgrade your business to Google Workspace?

Let's have a close look at Google workspace Benefits.

1. Easy file sharing and storage via Google Drive

Each user or employee has their own Drive, where they can store drafts, work notes, spreadsheets, and other work-related files that most of the time, their teammates don’t necessarily have access to. On the other hand, there are also Shared Drives, where employees can share documents, files, and resources that other members need access to, either for checking or collaborating. For Google Workspace Enterprise, the Drives come with unlimited cloud storage. You get 30GB of cloud storage in the Business Starter which is still twice what you get in the free version.

2. Seamless CRM and other third-party apps with Google Workspace

When it comes to improving and monitoring the overall workflow and processes, Google Workspace has got you covered. CRM integration is very easy with Google Workspace. With this, your team can work seamlessly across different third-party platforms without ever having to leave the Google Workspace app. Employees don’t have to worry about toggling between the different apps back and forth, logging in repeatedly, or duplicating data. With this feature, your company gets a significant productivity boost.

3. Branded Email for a more professional look

While there’s nothing particularly wrong with having an email address for your business, it might leave a bad impression on clients especially in this day and age. This 2022, put that generic email to rest and give your business a much more professional email address that your clients will surely positively remember! For employees, the Gmail experience would be the same. On the other hand, employers would get enterprise-grade Gmail with premium features. This would allow them to control and secure email communications without having to set up an email server.

4. Real-time collaboration

Real-time collaboration can be challenging in both office and remote working environments. Google Workspace Australia offers a great range of collaboration tools and apps that allows users to collaborate remotely, or even while some are at the office. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides allow real-time co-editing which means that users don’t have to wait for one to finish before they can start working, and there’s no need to worry about two users having worked on the same document.

5. Helpful AI-powered productivity tools and insights

Google Assistant can automatically find you a time and can add a Google Meet link for each attendee when you’re trying to book virtual meetings. Gmail features Smart Compose which can finish your sentences for you. This can be based on common terms and phrases, but the more you use it, the more it can give you helpful suggestions that fit your writing style.

6. Monitor and Manage the Business Overview from the Admin Console

The Google Workspace Admin Console is your go-to place when you want to manage your data, users, and apps. You can quickly add and remove users or groups, manage devices, create and assign specific roles for each user, customize the overall user experience, and configure security settings all from the intuitive dashboards.

7. Google Workspace enterprise-grade security with Endpoint Management

While the Admin Console lets you control Google Workspace accounts, Endpoint Management, on the other hand, lets you control which devices can access those accounts. With Google Workspace Endpoint Management, distributing apps on mobile devices can be done quickly and at scale. In addition, you can check the usage, manage security settings, and limit access on any endpoint device.

8. Archive business data with Google Vault

If you want to preserve old company data or archive data from an account you’re about to suspend, you can do that with Google Vault. Retention rules and holds can be set on certain Google Workspace apps to preserve user data – this can be done even on deleted documents and suspended accounts.

9. High-quality and engaging websites with Google Sites

If your business is yet to have a website, this is your go-signal to sign up to Google Workspace. With Google Sites, your team can work together to create a website. Another great thing is that you don’t even need any programming background to begin! The drag-and-drop features allow anyone to quickly modify the content of the website. And similar to how Google Docs, Sheets, and Slide work, you can also co-edit the website, leave comments, and manage access to particular users.

10. Consistent experience wherever and whenever

Google Workspace is primarily browser-based which makes it very accessible. However, for the best experience, The Tech Mantra highly recommends that you use Google Chrome.



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