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What is Google Workspace and How to Choose Google Workspace Partner?

In this article, we focus on the Google Workspace introduction and showcase some rebranded Google Workspace features with user experience, What is Google partner and also how to choose the right Google partner.

A set of Web-based productivity and collaboration applications from Google.

Google Introduced Google Workspace in the year 2020 with new features and benefits for businesses to help employees from any sector be more productive. Also to bring the professional fraternity together as the world has been torn apart by social distancing.

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is Google’s new productivity toolkit. It brings all our favorite Google workspace tools like Calendar, Gmail, Drive, Docs, Slides, Chat, Meet, Keep, Forms, Sites, Currents, and Sheets. To really understand what’s changed, we can look at the history of Google workspace. It’s an update. It’s Google workspace rebranded for your productivity needs.

What’s new with Google Workspace?

Google Workspace helps you do more with your colleagues, by opening and running even lesser tasks. Below are some new user experiences on features:

  • Communication tools have been brought together-: All of Google’s communication tools (Chat, Gmail, Voice, and Video Calling) have been brought together to aid collaboration between teams and streamline user experiences.

  • Link preview integration-: Instead of having to open a new tab to visit a link in a document, spreadsheet, or slideshow, you can now preview the link simply by hovering the mouse over it.

  • Google Meet gets an upgrade-: Meet works across more devices now, and you can see a colleague’s face, picture-in-picture, while you work on a document, spreadsheet, or slideshow together.

What is A Google Partner?

There are two types of Google Partner versions, the standard Partner version, and the Premier version and the following are some criteria for ethical business status to Google partner

  • Have multiple employees certified in Google products and/or services

  • Deliver excellent customer service

  • Have a competitive edge over peers

  • Specialize in helping businesses grow online

  • Account managers having up-to-date industry knowledge

  • Continuous client revenue growth

  • Continuous growth in the number of clients

How to Choose Google Workspace Partner?

There are two ways to test if an agency is a certified Google Partner. The first is to check their website for the official badge, this can often be found in the footer or on one of their website's internal pages. The second is to search for the business on where they will have an official listing with their details.

Below are some of the considerations for Choosing Google partners:

1 ) Type of Partnership:- There are two types of Google Partnership - the standard Partner version and the Premier version. Both types of partnership highlight Google partner's trustworthiness and attention to detail when it comes to business relationships, however, a Premier partner will have the upper hand with extensive knowledge across Google's portfolio of products and/or services to assist you better with your requirements.

2) Level Of Experience - How long a Google partner has been in the game is also very important. It makes sense that Google partner companies with a few years under their belt will be very wise regarding all aspects of Technology, Applications, Integration with Third Party Applications, and more which will help clients to get superior quality solutions, user experience as well as support services. This type of experience is invaluable when it comes to helping your business overcome any unforeseen challenges.

3) Testimonials – We recommend asking the Google partner companies to back up their claims with case studies and evidence of their past achievements. There is also no harm in asking for a few references you can contact. A confident Google Partner will happily share this information with potential new investors, provided they are not under any Non- Disclosure Agreement or other legal bindings with any of the clients. The purpose of Google Workspace is to make employees more productive with rebranded features and benefits to meet business needs.

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