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Migrating from Exchange to Google Workspace - Innumerable Benefits and Tools That You Can Leverage.

Migration from Exchange to Google Workspace involves a variety of tools, resources, and best practices. Our technical services team can assist you to experience uninterrupted access to your emails in a safe way with a 99.99% uptime guarantee during migration.

Steps to Migrate Data from Exchange to Google Workspace

Step 1: Get familiar with Google Workspace For resources on dealing with a pilot or full deployment of Google Workspace from intending to progressing user support go to Set up Google Workspace for your organization.

Step 2: Add user accounts to Google Workspace Ensure that your Google Workspace users have an account.

  • You can add users individually in the Google Admin console if you have a small number of users. Go to Add an account for a new user.

  • You can add multiple users at once using a comma-separated value (CSV) file. Using the CSV file, you can add or update multiple users.

  • To synchronize user data in your existing LDAP directory with your Google Workspace account (syncs groups, contacts, and organizations, too), use Google Cloud Directory Sync.

  • Using the Directory API, you can provide many users with data from your existing LDAP directory, such as Active Directory.

Step 3: Configuration of mail delivery to Google Workspace Set up your Exchange server to send emails to your Google Workspace account. Your users will keep on getting mail shipped off Exchange email accounts as your association advances to Google Workspace.

The clearest choice is to set up dual delivery. With dual delivery, approaching mail is moved to your Exchange server. The Exchange server processes each message and afterward advances a duplicate to Google Workspace.

4: Move data from the legacy system to Google Workspace You should bring some information, like Gmail, calendar, and contacts, from your legacy system to Google Workspace. There is a scope of items to assist you with this process Step 5: Configure the Google Workspace environment You should set up Google Workspace so it feels natural to users coming from Exchange. This part portrays how to reproduce a portion of the usefulness of Exchange in Google Workspace.

Step 6: Train your users

  • For an effective deployment, train your users prior to changing to Google Workspace. Go to

  • Train your Google Workspace users

  • Google Workspace Learning Center

Can a User at Any Point Keep On Utilizing Outlook or Another Email User?

You can set up Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GWSMO) to allow users to get Google Workspace email, schedule, and contact information from Outlook. GWSMO synchronizes all information between Google Workspace and Outlook. For subtleties, go to Administrator arrangement for Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GWSMO).

Google Workspace likewise upholds any email client that utilizes IMAP, including cell phones. For subtleties, go to Check Gmail through other email stages.

Could a User at Any Point Send an Email in the Interest of Another User?

First, you want to set it up in the Admin console:

  1. Your current account,, doesn't have consent to do these means. To proceed, switch to an Admin account. This will open the Google Admin console.

  2. Change to the Admin account (signs you out) or Learn more

  3. From the Admin console Home page, go to Apps and afterward Google Workspace and then Gmail and then user settings.

  4. Under Mail Delegation, check the Let users delegate admittance to their inbox to different users in the area box.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Advise your users to audit Set up mail assignment

Might the organization at Any Point Make a Worldwide Location Book of Shared Contacts?

All clients and gatherings in your space are consequently added to the worldwide location book. You can add more passages utilizing the Domain Shared Contacts.

Can an organization Create a Global Address Book of Shared Contacts?

  1. Follow the means under Set Calendar visible and sharing choices.

  2. (Discretionary) To make a schedule for your association, go to Create and share a gathering schedule.

  3. Advise clients to share their schedules. Go to Share your schedule with somebody.

In the event that you use GWSMO, it will synchronize client schedules among Outlook and Google Workspace. Your clients can make schedules in one or the other Outlook or Google Workspace to have them sync to the next item. Go to Share a schedule utilizing GWSMO.

How Would I Make Public Organizers?

Google Workspace doesn't uphold public organizers as in Exchange. Be that as it may, you can carry out comparable usefulness by utilizing Google Groups as a Collaborative Inbox, or by sharing documents and envelopes from Google Drive.

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