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Sent an email by mistake? Here's how you can recall it or un-send an email in Gmail after 30 seconds

Google's email service Gmail is one of the most important parts and parcel of our lives. Sharing documents to projects to important data, there is nothing which you cannot do on Gmail. Gmail also gives us the facility to send and receive messages in bulk without any limitation. From business meets to school projects, you can send everything on Gmail. With almost a billion users, you can also share photos on Gmail. It is one of the most widely used email services and you can even own multiple Gmail accounts.

However, there may be times when you might have regretted sending an email. You might have sent it to the wrong email id and the documents may have personal details. You may have also sent the email to the receiver by mistake. Many times, you may have mailed the wrong documents to your bosses or colleagues and you just want to turn back the time and fix that email.

Keeping all these concerns in mind, Gmail provides you with the feature where you can recall a sent email. The undo feature is one of the most useful and least-known features of Gmail. This feature allows you to undo sent emails within 30 seconds in case you want to recall your email or you have sent an incomplete email. You might also have sent it to the wrong user by mistake, so in order to save you from embarrassment, you can recall an email in Gmail by following these steps.

How to Recall an Email in Gmail

  1. Login to your Gmail account using your email id and password and go to settings

  2. After clicking settings, click the General tab

  3. 3You will find the 'Undo Send' option. Click on the 'enable Undo Send option'.

  4. You will require to click the cancellation period which ranges from 5-30 seconds

  5. Click on save changes. After this, you will be able to use the undo send feature on Gmail.

  6. Send the email, you will see undo option on the left-hand bottom of the screen.

  7. Recall your email

Gmail and Outlook let you unsend an email for a short period of time, but the trick is you need to have the feature enabled first. Once enabled, "Undo Send" will allow you a brief window when you can successfully retract your message before it reaches its end destination. The "Undo Send" feature doesn't retrieve your email from other people's inboxes; it merely delays sending your email, giving you the chance to change your mind before it's too late.

How much time do you have to recall an email?

How much time you have to recall an email depends on you and your settings. If you want to check, or change, how much time you are affording yourself to right your wrongs, you can go to Gmail, then settings, and 'see all settings'. From there, you'll see a 'send cancellation period' next to 'undo send' where you can choose from five, 10, 20, or 30 seconds. There is unfortunately no way to recall an email once that time period has passed.

We've all been there. Whether it's been for a premature push of the 'send' button, or for an email that was typed out to vent but never supposed to have been sent, everybody has sent an email and wanted to un-send it shortly after. But once 30 seconds have passed, is it possible to recall an email in Gmail? The good news, in short, is that the answer is 'yes.

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