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What will you choose for your organization Google Meet or Zoom?

Why are Businesses Choosing Google Meet over Zoom? lets have a look at Google meet and Zoom meetings and key features of Google Meet.

What is Google meet?

Google Meet is a business-oriented video conferencing app suitable for businesses of all sizes. The solution helps users to make video calls with up to 250 users through high-definition video meetings. Users join pre-scheduled meetings from calendar events, choose a link, enter meeting code, and even dial in from their phones.

Google Meet users have more options to add co-hosts, limit screen sharing, and mute others. Google Meet is getting new Quick Access settings if you’re a Google Workspace customer. This will be enabled by default, but if it’s turned off, it means meetings won’t be able to start until the host joins. however, exactly which controls will be available depends on whether you are using Meet as a regular user or as part of a Google Workspace team.

What is a Zoom meeting?

A-Zoom Meeting refers to a video conferencing meeting that's hosted using Zoom. You can join these meetings via a webcam or phone. Meanwhile, a Zoom Room is the physical hardware setup that lets companies schedule and launches Zoom Meetings from their conference rooms.

Key Features of Google Meet:

  • Up to 250 participants can join the meeting at a time

  • Very easy to use and effective

  • Google Meet is available for both android and IOS devices

  • You can present your slides and documents by clicking on the present now icon on Google Meet

  • External participants can also join Google Meet by clicking on the link sent to a particular id

  • You can record meetings and save them to Drive in Google Meet. This is a very good feature if anyone skips the meeting

  • Live Streaming- 100,000 members

  • Dial in by dialing the Phone number

  • Meetings are now more secure through Google Meet. Any data which you share in Google Meet is secured

Apart from Google Meet, ZOOM is one of those leading video conferencing solutions which is making a huge impact.

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